How does Juliet seem to feel about Romeo and characterize Juliet in Act 1 scene 5.This can be found in Act 1 of Scene 5 from the Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.

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Juliet falls for Romeo just about as easily as he falls for her. The way they speak to each other with religious undertones explains how serious they are about each other.  They use words like "pilgrim," "devotions," and "shrine" to discuss their feelings for one another. 

When it is time for all to leave for the evening, Juliet runs to the Nurse immediately to find out who he is.  After running back and forth, the Nurse finds out that Romeo is the only son of their enemy, the Montagues.  the fact that Juliet goes out of her way to find out Romeo's name and information about him shows how interested she is in him.  Earlier she played the perfect daughter who was dutiful and respectful to her parents.  Now she is venturing out a little bit on her own, which is a little risky for her in such a time period.

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Juliet truly falls in love with him, just as much as he falls for her.  She even goes as far as telling the Nurse to go find out if he is available/married.  Of course, she then finds out that he is "the only son of [her] great enemy."  Basically, she responds with, great...the one and only man a fall in love with and he just had to be the enemy of my family.

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