In "1984", how does Julia's position on party doctrine contrast with Winston's views?

Expert Answers
slshcolnik eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Looking at Julia's actions in the book, she seldom takes actions strictly to go against the Party's wishes. She does them simply because she wants to, as enote states: "Winston discovers that Julia is smart and funny and loves sex, and she doesn’t care at all about Big Brother. As for her membership in the Anti-Sex League, she is simply doing what is expected of her in society. A pretty woman with dark hair and freckles, she is basically a simple woman who doesn’t worry about the revolutionary implications of her actions; she does what she does because it feels good and right. She cares little about revolution and even falls asleep when Winston is reading from Emmanuel Goldstein’s revolutionary tract."

Winston, though, wants to actively rebel against the Party because he does not believe in the system and would like to bring it down (though he has a hard time coming to this realization because he can hardly think for himself). As enotes states, "A thirty-nine-year-old man who works in the Ministry of Truth, Winston Smith is fairly ordinary. His heroism is heartfelt, not out of false notions of rebellion for the sake of power and glory."

mrpoirier eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Whereas Winston has faint memories of the past, Julia has been born and raised during the reign of Big Brother.  Therefore, Julia doesn't know anything better or different that the life she has always led.  Winston, although it is foggy, lived during a time when people had freedoms that can only be dreamed of in modern day Oceania.

As a result, Julia is resigned to living the best she can under the heavy restraints of the party.  She lives for the here and the now and immediate gratification.  Hence her appetites for black market food and sex.  Although Winston enjoys these things as well, he as an eye on the future generations of human beings.  Since Winston has seen life differently, he can imagine changing the future.  He realizes that this will not happen in his lifetime, but he has hope.  Julia is simply concerned with living under the rules that are already in place and getting away with as much as she can before she is, inevitably, vaporized.

titsmcgee33 | Student

Julia was born and grew up in the life created by the Party so her rebellious nature is caused by her adolescent desire to cause trouble for authority. She does what she wants and gets a thrill from getting away with it.

Winston still vaguely remembers life before the Party and recognises that their mind-controlling actions are wrong. Therefore he rebels with a purpose; opposing the system that was forced upon him.

annastariq | Student

No matter how hard a government tries to make rules and maintain them, there willalways be one or two courageous personalities to break them.  In the seemingly microcosmic world of 1984, a character like Julia likes to go against theparty and yet gets a thrill from getting away with it. Julia believes that the party is incapable ofstopping her, since she is very cautious and quick on hiding her actions. Julia thinks that a role ofa pretty woman with dark hairs is to not “worry about the implications of her actions; she doeswhat she does because it feels good and right”. A prime example of Julia going against the authority is her affair with the protagonistWinston. Julia and Winston are now having an affair for a couple of months and they still havenot been caught by the government. Their success comes from very simple, yet courageous ways.Firstly, they meet at places where there are no Telescreens and microphones. Secondly, theyalways meet in rural areas where there are no thought police members. Last but not least, theyalways take different routes to their destination since the last time. These ways have gives Julia  some freedom and do whatever she wants to do. I agree with Julia on her point of view, that the government cannot have control over allthe supposedly illegal actions. In other words, the government in 1984 wants to be perfect, butthey will always imperfections in their laws. Also, by going against the government and gettingaway from it, Julia is doing what might awaken the proles and give them confidence to go againstthe party. After all, they make up eighty-five percent of Oceania’s population.