How does Joyce's portrayal of Women in "The Dead" inevitably affect Gabriel, his growth as a character, and his ending epiphany? "Joyce’s Portral of Women in “The Dead” and their impact on Gabriel" is the topic I have chosen for my essay.

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This is a great question - perfect for an essay , as you are completely right to focus on how the various female characters in this incredible short story reveal more about Gabriel's character. It is through his encounters with women that we see Gabriel for who he is - as a passive, uncertain character who spends a lot of time worrying about how he comes across and what others think of him. Note how his behaviour could be interpreted as supercilious - for example, he tries to calm Lily down after offending her by paying her off, saying that it is a Christmas present. Likewise he comes across as a bit of a snob when he debates quoting Browning at the dinner speech as he thinks it will be too...

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