How does Jorge Luis Borges work relate to the literary movements in his country or time period?ultraismo [ultraism ]?

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Jorge Luis Borges's work, primarily his short-stories, if not his poetical works, are often linked with literary movements like 'magic realism' and 'literary postmodernism'. The overtly fabular structures in his writings are subtle attempts at de-mythification rather than mythical construction. Stories like Pierre Menard or The Secret Miracle or Circular Ruins are classic examples of this. The constructedness of language, the post-structuralist beyond to linguistic representation is something that always decentres Borgesian myth with strong concerns with endlessness, author-character subversion and so on. The fabular in Borges deflects the realistic register and in this sense, he might be seen as a guru to the likes of Marquez and Fuentes. His work is also seen as a mid-point between modernism and postmodernism. While his dense, allusive and high-culture style remains modernist in a way, Borges's subjects and his constant use of parody and pastiche as well as his extensive use of low mimetic forms like the Detective Story (The Garden of Forking Paths) make a postmodernist reading possible.

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