How does Jonas' mother feel about the repeat offender who is brought before her in The Giver?  Why?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jonas' mother feels angry, frustrated, and frightened about the repeat offender who is brought before her.  She is angry and frustrated because she feels she hasn't made a difference in his life, and frightened because criminals are given only two chances before receiving the ultimate punishment, release.  Having been brought in to the Department of Justice a second time, the man is very close to having no options left.

Jonas' mother holds "a prominent position at the Department of Justice."  At work today, a repeat offender had been brought before her.  The offender had been brought before Mother personally before, and Mother had administered a sentence that first time whereby she felt he had been "adequately and fairly punished."  After that, the man had been declared rehabilitated and restored to his job, home, and family unit.  This is why seeing the offender again is especially frustrating to Jonas' mother.  She feels that she hasn't had a positive effect on him at all.

The rules of the Community say that there is no third chance for transgressors.  If an individual commits a crime a third time, he must be released.  For this reason, Mother feels frightened for the man as well.  He has now used up his first two chances, and if he runs afoul of the law again, there will be no further leniency (Chapter 1).