How does Jody attempt to control Janie? Does he ultimately succeed?

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In many ways, Joe Starks seems like the kind of husband most women at that time would want. He sweeps Janie off her feet; he has lots of ambition and big plans for he and Janie's future. However, not long after moving to and opening the store in Eatonville, Joe begins to change. He tells Janie that she can no longer talk with the townspeople in front of the store. He makes her cover her hair with a scarf so that men will not look at her. The irony in all of this is that one of the main reasons Joe marries Janie is for her looks. To him, if he is going to become one of the prominent voices of Eatonville, Florida, he would need  a beautiful woman on his arm. But, after others begin to notice Janie's beauty, he does all that he can do to make her seem less than that.

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