How does Jing-Mei feel about speaking Chinese in Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club? Language play a key role in the process of Jing-Mei's "becoming Chinese". There are references to language througout the story, especially in the names of the sisters.

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In Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club, Jing-Mei (June) has done all she can to reject everything Chinese. She sees herself only as she is able: as an American, and this causes a great deal of strife between her and her mother because her mother is only able to see life and her daughter from a Chinese perspective. This may seem to be a "no-brainer," but where Jing-Mei's mother sees a connection between herself and her daughter as a continuation of the same person—a perception passed through generations of Chinese mothers and daughters—Jing-Mei perceives her mother as trying to control and change her.

Early in her life, Jing-Mei finds ways to empower herself while forcing her mother to relinquish her "hold" on her daughter. Jing-Mei tries to tell her mother that she is not Chinese. Her mother explains that being Chinese goes as deep as her DNA. Jing-Mei resists her mother's attempts to make her a child prodigy, finally hitting her mother's innermost heart by screaming that she wishes she were dead...

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