How does jealousy today relate to to Shakespeare's Othello?

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In William Shakespeare's "Othello," there are two types of jealousy, one related to career and rank and one sexual.

Iago's main motivation seems to be jealousy of Cassio, who was promoted above him, and in general jealousy of people more successful than himself. We certainly still have this sort of jealousy in the modern world. Many of the corporate and political greed scandals (Enron, etc.) can be attributed to financial jealousy – of people losing their sense of morality because they want to be as rich or successful as someone else.

Othello's killing of Desdemona has to do with (1) incorrectly believing her to be unfaithful and (2) seeing that as an insult to his own honour. This is quite similar to the motivations behind many so-called "honour killings" in Middle Eastern and South Asian cultures.

balqees-meqd | Student

Othello is a western man that used to be the first to killed his wife who used to be someone he really loves is something new for the western people unlike the eastern people so as a begining Othello was the first to inter the jealousy idea into the western world