How do jealousy, mistrust and judgment affect the play?

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Jealousy can be best exemplified in the characters of Claudio and Don John.  Don John is jealous of the attention and favor granted to Claudio by Don Pedro, the prince, which leads to Don John's determination to ruin everyone's lives.  Claudio gets sucked into this by listening to Don John everytime he's told something untrue about Hero's faithfulness; thus, Claudio is the king of mistrust!

Mistrust can also be seen in both Beatrice and Benedick, who clearly mistrust members of the opposite sex, especially one another! Some of it may be just tough words - "I would rather hear my dog bark at a crow than a man swear he loves me!" - but it's clear that, at least in the early stages of the play, they do not trust falling in love.

Finally, the term "judgment" instantly brings Leonato to mind.  Leonato, Hero's father, instantly judges her daughter to be guilty of improper behavior, simply because she is accused of this by the prince, Claudio, and Don John - the same Don John who everyone knows to be untrustworthy!

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