A Blessing Questions and Answers
by James Wright

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How does James Wright in his poem "A Blessing" use figurative language to enhance its meaning?

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James Wright's experience as he traveled along a highway was so momentous to him that he gave the title of his poem a spiritual, almost religious connotation: "A Blessing." The poet narrates an unforgettable experience which eventually translates into the metaphysical.

The poem notes that the scene takes place “just off the highway” which intensifies the gulf between the manmade road and the beauty of the natural world. It is difficult for the reader not to hear the wheels spinning on the highway as background for the poet's desire to shut out the world even as he soulfully embraces it, by becoming something usually regarded as beautiful yet mindless - a blossom.

It is late in the evening but the scene is filled with the sensory experience of the bounding hooves of the two small ponies. Seeing the men move into their world, the horses come happily out from the  trees. As they move toward the...

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