A Time To Kill Questions and Answers
by John Grisham

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In A Time to Kill, how does Jake show commitment?    

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Although Jake first takes Carl Lee Hailey's case out of self-interest, he soon becomes emotionally involved and develops a strong personal commitment to achieving justice. He risks his life, loses his home, faces bankruptcy, and watches his marriage dissolve,...

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anr005 | Student

Jake shows a tremendous amount of commitment to Carl Lee. Jake has been tormented time and time again by the Klan, but Jake continues to defend Carl Lee. At first Jake was not so sure that he wanted to defend Carl Lee. Once Carl Lee showed Jake that as a Father you would do anything to protect your daughter it was then that Jake understood. Jake put his life and his family's life in danger when their house was bombed. His house was bombed because the Klan did not want him to represent Carl Lee. They wanted Carl Lee to be found guilty. Due to Jake staying committed Carl Lee it helped Carl Lee to be found innocent and actually the Klan and the Police Chief was found guilty.