How does Jack plan to catch Ralph in Lord of the Flies?

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After the death of Piggy and the capture of Samneric in Chapter 11 of Lord of the Flies, Ralph realizes that he is now all alone. During the feast that night, Ralph creeps up through the woods to get a look and finds Samneric standing guard. He gets their attention; they give him some food to eat, but warn him to leave. He will be hunted in the morning, they tell him. The painted hunters will stretch a line across the island and advance until they find Ralph. Samneric tell Ralph that a stick sharpened on both ends by Roger has been prepared for him, though Ralph does not immediately understand how it will be used.

The next morning they discover Ralph's hiding spot and try to flush him out. They roll boulders, throw spears into the thicket, and eventually light a fire to try and burn him out. But their attempts are unsuccessful as Ralph manages to elude capture.

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They roll boulders down the hill to try to hit him or cause him to run. Then they try to smoke him out. When he goes to the forest, they continue to try to track him down like a pig.