How does Isabelle Allende helped define her literary period by attempting to reach out to everyone?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Allende represents much in a postmodern literary period in her attempt to articulate voice to a condition that might be silenced without her presence.  Her background enables her to speak to a political tradition that seeks to silence voice.  This is one way she wishes to bring more people into the narrative, particularly speaking to individuals that are the victims to brutal political regimes.  Another way in which she seeks to increase individual voice is through her ability to write as a woman in a genre that is largely dominated by the male voice.  Allende is conscious of the fact that she is a woman writing in a domain that is mostly populated by the male writer.  In being a woman, being conscious of being a woman in a realm where there are mostly men, she is able to increase the amount of voices, of narratives, that are included in the voices of record.  Writing in the postmodern period, Allende understands that part of any construction has to be the inclusion of more voices.  She is able to do this with her work, and with her own voice, one that is both reflective of her own subjective experience, but strives to broaden out what is individual into something that can be seen as applicable to more people.  In this process, one sees a desire to define her own sensibilities about her literary period and place by including more people's voice into an overall narrative.

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