How does irony communicate the theme in Animal Farm, with three examples?Format1. Topic Sentence/Thesis2. 1st Point3. 1st Quatation4. Explain Quotation5. 2nd Point6. 2nd Quotation7. Explain 2nd...

How does irony communicate the theme in Animal Farm, with three examples?


1. Topic Sentence/Thesis
2. 1st Point
3. 1st Quatation
4. Explain Quotation
5. 2nd Point
6. 2nd Quotation
7. Explain 2nd Quotation
8. 3rd Point
10. Explain 3rd Quotation
11. Conclusion


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teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Animal Farm, irony abounds when the animals begin breaking the rules that they themselves set for their society.  The first rule, "Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy" is clearly broken when Napoleon meets with the farmers.  Similarly, alchohol is consumed (rule number 5) and he has ordered the deaths of other animals (rule number 6).  Later, some of the rules are amended to accommodate the leaders' breaking of the rules.  Ironically, only the pigs are allowed such luxuries, and all the other animals are meant to abide by the original orders.  This irony is directly related to the theme of Animal Farm because it represents the hypocrisy that was inherent in Stalinism--the rules are not for everyone, only for the masses so that control can be maintained.

scorpion44 | Student

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