How does the internet and culture interact?  Which most affects the other, and how? give some examples.

idijohn | Student

With the global speed of Internet connectivity, cultural values are at a treat from getting demoralized. The Internet has more influence on culture and even the personalities of people have changed.

Therefore, having culture incorporated into the Internet is one of the better options we have right now in this century. Many countries have taken their Tourism Industries for example to the Internet and that is helping them improve on their revenue and selling their culture to the world which have become a global village. The Culture is now more easily passed down to the younger generations who use the Internet mostly. One Scholar sums it up with these words "Building an Internet Culture".

Since culture has been taken to the Internet it makes for an opportunity for Marketers to promote their goods and services that are culture based using the most versatile means - The Internet.

Like here in my country - Nigeria - Many young people living in the urban areas don't have the time and opportunity to learn these values that culture have for them but with the help of the Internet,  and media in general they do have little excuse to say they are not aware of these cultures and their values. The Nigerian Film Industry - Nolly-wood has a website where everyone around the world can watch these cultural teaching movies through the Internet.

There has also been heavy Government Spending on bringing these cultures to the doorsteps (through free Blackberry watching sites) of everyone in this country.

It is obvious now that the Internet with its many negative influences has actually affected negatively the values in most cultures. For example the level of fashion in most public places has demoralized due to the influence and attitude youths see and learn from the Internet.

My advice is that the Internet should be used to promote the positive values of our various cultures for a united and healthy global village.