How does Indian democracy work?i am not getting a perfect straight answer please give me one

krishna-agrawala | Student

India follows a parliamentary system of government developed along the British pattern. Also it follows a federal structure, with the country consisting of 28 constituent states. In addition, there are six union territories administered centrally and the National Capital Region of Delhi.

The work of government is distributed between a central government and state governments for each state. The central government as well as states have democratically elected government. Both central and state governments follow the pattern of two separate houses - upper and lower houses. Lower house house at central government is called Lok Sabha and upper house is called Rajya Sabha. The lower houses of central and states has members elected for terms of five years directly by people. Members of upper houses are elected through indirect elections.

In addition to the two houses of the central government there is a President of the countries jointly elected by the central and all state government. The president is designated as head of the country, but he has almost no direct legislative powers. The president mostly acts on the advice of council of ministers.

The head of government is Prime Minister who is selected by the lower hous of central goverment. The prime minister than selects the counsil of ministers.

The council of ministers is the executive arm of the government and the two houses are the legislative arm. In addition there is a well established independent judiciary to maintain which maintains check over the other two arms.