How does The Iliad fit the Hero Cycle?

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Joseph Campbell was a student of mythology and folklore who condensed his understanding of such stories into a monomyth that he termed "the Hero's Journey." The steps of this journey are summarized by Dan Bronzite as: 1) the ordinary world; 2) the call to adventure; 3) the refusal; 4) meeting the mentor; 5) crossing the threshold; 6) tests, allies, enemies; 7) approach to the inmost cave; 8) ordeal; 9) reward; 10) the road back; 11) resurrection; and 12) return with the elixir. Some aspects of this journey can be seen in the actions of Achilles, who is seen by some as the hero of Homer's Iliad.

The war against Troy is the great adventure to which Achilles is summoned from his father's court. His mother, knowing that he will die in the war, attempts to save him by concealing him in the women's quarters of a friendly king. Odysseus tricks Achilles into revealing himself. This action is not described in the poem itself but would have been known to Homer's audience from other portions of the...

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