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by George Orwell

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How does ignorance add or lead to the social and political oppression in George Orwell's book Animal Farm?

Ignorance contributes to the social and political oppression in George Orwell's Animal Farm by enabling the pigs to take advantage of the other animals, which creates a social hierarchy on the farm that only benefits the pigs. The pigs use their intelligence to manipulate the ignorant animals into accepting their oppressive, one-sided policies. The animals are too ignorant and vacuous to recognize that they are being exploited for their labor and are continually deceived by Squealer's effective propaganda.

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Ignorance allows the ruling pigs on the farm to manipulate and exploit the other animals and reap the benefits of their labor. In the novella, the pigs are naturally more intelligent than the other animals and are the first to learn how to read and write. The pigs take advantage of their knowledge by assuming positions of authority and organizing the policies of the farm. They label themselves "brainworkers" and refrain from arduous labor. In addition to drafting policies, managing the animals, and developing the principles of Animalism, the pigs steadily take advantage of their authoritative roles by mixing apples and milk into their mash without consulting the other animals. Once the animals learn the truth about the apples and milk, the pigs present a seemingly rational argument to support their actions and easily mislead the ignorant animals.

Once Napoleon usurps power, the pigs ruthlessly wield their authority by eliminating democratic institutions, ending Snowball 's committees, and...

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marwa14 | Student

Ignorance is an important element in Orwel s Animal Farm.Reading and writing are two things gave them ability to realize their rights   and seek to obtain it they make them self confident enough to control other animals .They have the awarness to transfere the prinsipals of the old Magor into concrete system.

Other hand, the ignorance and illitracy make the animals of the farm fellowers they fellow the pigs, trust them to live a better life.Illitracy make an animal such as boxer forgets his rights in equality and freedom and think only on working hard in the time the pigs work less and earn more. The pigs could misuse their ignoranse and gave up the seven commandments one after another.

Finally the community of animals lost their freedom, equality and justice