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How do the ideals of the Jeffersonian Democratic-Republicans continue to influence 21th century politics? Its for an essay in history class, the first part was to choose the jeffersonian or Halmiltonian party that best represented the ideals of America in the early 19th century.  Obviously I chose Jeffersonian, but i'm having a hard time proving how he still influences today politics.

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The Democratic-Republicans had two major beliefs whose impact can still be seen today.  First, they were in favor of a more egalitarian America rather than one that was economically and politically hierarchical.  Second, they felt that the national government was dangerous to the liberty of the people.

In America today, we can see many people who believe that the country should be more egalitarian.  Some of these are liberals, like the Occupy Wall Street people who were so much in the news some months ago.  Others are conservative, like those who think that it is wrong for the government to bail out Wall Street companies.  All of these people think that elites should not have a lot more power and/or money than regular people.

Many Americans, particularly conservatives, feel that the national government is a danger to our freedoms.  They feel, for example, that “Obamacare” is an excessive use of government power to force people to buy health insurance.  They think that the national government should give up many of its powers to the states.  

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