How does the idea of "insist that results be based on objective standards" help to achieve a win-win solution in integrative negotiation?

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When negotiators insist on objective standards, they take their negotiations out of the realm of feelings and perceptions and base them on objective numbers.  This makes it easier to understand when each side is and is not being fair.  In such a situation, it will be much easier for both sides to feel that they are winning.  Both sides will be able to see that the offer on the table is fair and neither side will have to feel as if it has been cheated.  When there are objective standards (things like what sort of wages and benefits other similar companies are paying their workers), the negotiators do not have to go with their gut feeling.  Instead, they can use actual facts to inform their opinions.  This makes it much easier for a settlement to feel like a win-win solution. 

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