Hypocrisy In The Crucible

How does hypocrisy relate to The Crucible?

Hypocrisy relates to The Crucible in that both Reverend Parris and Mr. Putnam are incredibly hypocritical characters. The each profess to want truth and to desire to punish actual wrongdoers and lawbreakers. However, they both begin to manipulate the people around them in order to bolster their own status and wealth rather than promote truth.

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The Reverend Parris shows himself to be a terrible hypocrite in the play. Early on, he seems to be most concerned about the possibility of witchcraft, not because it would be a terrible sin—just the thing with which a good Puritan minister ought to concern himself—but because if the knowledge of it gets out, it could ruin is reputation and cost him his position. He fears that his daughter and niece have been engaging in witchcraft, and though it seems to have made his daughter very ill, he is more worried about the effects of rumors affecting his reputation than he is about her wellness. He professes to be a good man, a good minister, but he is only concerned about status and wealth.

Mr. Putnam is also a terrible hypocrite. He says that he is anxious to ferret out and prosecute the witches he believes to be responsible for the death of all but one of his children. He claims that this desire, to punish the evildoers and lawbreakers, is his only motive; however, once he understands...

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