How does Huxley's Brave New World view the truth? What impact does it have on the way they live?

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Much of how people view "truth" is from past experiences and education that they have received. Truth can be distorted when someone takes drugs, for example. In the brave new world, "soma" is the drug of choice that permits people to go on "holiday" when they don't feel like they can face difficult situations. The engineers of the new world also used psychological conditioning to create a collective schema for society. Basically, if everyone believes a certain philosophy and lives it as well, is that not truth? Humans, therefore, can create their own truth through the choices they make; however, it is the government in this world who preconditions the citizens to want to make the same choices as the society wants. The preconditioning, hypnopaedia, and genetic engineering, therefore, influences each human by subtly taking away free will at the very beginning stages of life--even at the embryonic stage. Thus, no one ever challenges the government or the way things are because they don't know any thing different. Mustafa Mond, the Controller, says, "I'm interested in truth, I like science. But truth's a menace, science is a public danger" (272). So, after creating their own truth through drugs and preconditioning, actual truth, such as science, is disregarded for the "benefit" of social well-being.

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