How does Huxley create a futuristic London in Brave New World?

Expert Answers
Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Huxley creates a futuristic London in Brave New World through his use of imagery and detail.  He cleverly sprinkles references to futuristic items and technology in the backdrop of the story, creating his own terminology along the way to give the story an even more far-off appeal.  The year, for instance, is A.F. 632, centering the historical timeline around the creation of Ford's first Model-T.   Huxley's characters off-handedly mention and use advanced technology, like soma, scent organs, feelies, vibro vacuum massage. His naming of these things are as equally outlandish as their premise; Huxley inserts seemingly bizarre names like Centrifigal Bumble Puppy, Internal and External Secretions Factory, Obstacle golf.  Huxley's details create a completely new and foreign landscape that immerses the reader in a future revolving around the factory system, creating a sharp contrast between the civilized and Savage worlds.