How does Hosseini use the theme of deception in The Kite Runner?I just needed a bit more help on the theme of deception on a whole in the novel.

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terafrayne eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The theme of deception is most clearly shown in Baba and Amir. These two characters, a Pashtun father and son from Kabul, commit acts of deception toward others they care about most all for the sake of saving their reputation. Baba has an affair with his servant's wife--who is a Hazara woman--and she bears his child. But he covers it up by asking his servant, Alli, to adopt the child. He does this because it was socially unacceptable for a Pashtun man to be with a Hazara woman. He lies to everyone around him to keep this dark secret and preserve his reputation. Baba's son, Amir, also has a dark secret that he must preserve.

Amir wants to move past feelings of shame and gain the acceptance of his father. Amir commits a cowardly act as a child when he sees his brother, Hassan, raped and does nothing. He does nothing because he is afraid, but also because he didn't know what to do because he was just a child. He then is burdened by feelings of remorse and guilt. He decides that the only way to escape these feelings is to find a way to get rid of Hassan. This is why he lies to his father, telling him that Hassan has stolen his watch. He later has to tell more lies so his father doesn't find out about the initial lie. Amir badly wants to be loved by his father.

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