How does Hosseini present point of view in order to tell the story of The Kite Runner?Can you help me on the different point of views? Much appreciated.

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Author Khaled Hosseini uses a variety of literary devices to present his point of view in The Kite Runner. The protagonist, Amir, serves as the constant narrator with the exception of Chapter 16, when the narration is taken over by Rahim Khan. Since the story is actually told by Amir in retrospect, the reader is given a glimpse of many different aspects of his personality and inner consciousness. Amir shifts constantly from dialogue to long descriptive passages. Because he tells his story from an adult perspective, Amir's reflection upon past events allows for such devices as foreshadowing, flashback, imagery and metaphorical symbolism. The reader also is given a basic lesson in the Farsi and Pashtun language: Hosseini's characters use many common Afghan words, usually followed by translations. Internal monologue is also used frequently to describe the inner feelings of Amir and other characters.

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