how does homer help samuel reed and how does he later saves homer?

smasella | Student

Smelt and Stink have captured a black man who claims to be from Rhode Island. Homer saves their prisoner, a man by the name of Samuel Reed.  Homer appeals to the men's greed and tells them it is not wise to kill the man because they could actually make more money if they sold the prisoner into slavery.  Later, Smelt and Stink threaten to kill Homer if he does not show them where more slaves are hidden in Mr. Brewster's house.  It turns out that runaway slaves are hiding in Mr. Brewster's basement waiting to go to Canada and escape to freedom.  Samuel Reed hits Smelt and Stink with an iron bar as Homer is showing them where the slaves are supposedly located i.e., in a mine accessible via a door in the dirt.  Samuel Reed beats Stink and Smelt with the iron bar.  Thus,  Homer's life is saved by Samuel Reed, the man whose life he saved earlier.  Homer nearly jeopardized his own life with the lie he told Smelt and Stink regarding the slaves. 

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