How do Holden and Phoebe reverse roles at the end of the novel?  

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After flunking out of Pencey Prep, Holden decides to travel home early for Christmas break to say goodbye to his sister before he runs away. Holden is completely done with society and believes that he can only find happiness by escaping his typical life. When Holden sneaks into his home and explains to Phoebe that he will be running away, she initially criticizes his decision and does not want him to miss her school production. Phoebe is portrayed as the rational, wiser sibling during their exchange and she wants Holden to act sensible and stay home. Phoebe eventually relents and ends up lending her brother some of her money.

Later on, Phoebe meets her brother at the Museum of Natural History with her bags packed. Holden then tells Phoebe that she...

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