How does Herman E. Calloway react when he first sees Bud's rocks?

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In the children's novel by Christopher Curtis, "Bud, Not Buddy" Herman E. Calloway and Bud are coming home from a gig and Bud shows Calloway his rocks with dates marked on them.  Calloway gets very upset and blames Bud for stealing the rocks.  He had showed Bud his rocks and Bud says, "hey those are just like mine."  Calloway and grabs them and says, "where did you get these rocks?"

Bud finally seems to convince him that his mother gave the rocks to him and this upsets Calloway even more because he realizes that if this is true then Bud's mother is his lost daughter.

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Herman E. Calloway's reaction is one of anger and surprise.  In his abrupt manner he questions Bud, Not Buddy about his knowledge of these stones.  His reaction to Bud's comment immediately set my imagination on fire wondering if there was a connection between his stones and Bud, Not Buddy's stones.