How does Hercules compare to modern heroes? this weblink is given by my teacher, you can answer by your own...

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One striking difference between modern heroes and Hercules would be the lack of divinity attached to the heroes that dominate our current landscape.  When reading about Hercules, the article makes frequent mention of how the Gods play a role in either placing obstacles in Hercules' path that need to be overcome or how divine counsel allows Hercules to achieve great things.  The modern hero does not have this level of divinity attached to them.  If we were to consider a modern hero as someone who accomplishes something superhuman, our thoughts might drift to an athlete or a political figure.  Either way, there is little in way of divine attachment to them.  Our modern heroes differ from those of antiquity in large part because of the absence of divinity.  Another way in which our modern heroes differ is the more internalized nature of their quest.  The hero like Heracles had to travel to distant lands or pray at remote temples and physically embark on quests or journeys.  The modern hero has a much smaller field of play.  They don't travel to distant lands or voyage as far.  Rather, their quest is, by comparison, an internal one or on a smaller physical scale, though the tales of glory are just as expansive in our own relative scale.