In Chapter 22 of "Great Expectations", how does Herbert feel about Pip's great expectations?

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In Chapter 22, Pip is introduced to Herbert in London. To his shock and surprise he realises that Herbert Pocket is the same boy whom he boxed with during one of his visits to Miss Havisham's house (chapter 11). Pip had won that boxing contest after he had beaten him up badly.

In Chapter 22 Herbert tells Pip that Miss Havisham had sent for him to see whether she would take a liking to him. Unfortunately she was not interested and instead of Herbert she had taken a liking for Pip. He adds that if she had done so he would have become "affianced,betrothed, engaged" to Estella:  "yes she had sent for me on a trial visit, and if I had come out of it successfully, I suppose I should have been provided for."  Herbert however has no regrets because he knows the real character of Estella and for what evil purpose she has been adopted by Miss Havisham.

After Herbert has narrated to Pip all the incidents concerning Miss Havisham's past history he remarks, "so there can be no competition or perplexity between you and me."

This statement of Herbert's clearly indicates that he is not jealous of Pip's good fortune. This incident marks the beginning of the life long friendship between Pip and Herbert.

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