In Frankenstein, how does Henry's father relate to the themes of power and friendship?

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scarletpimpernel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In regards to power, Henry's father wants his son to be successful, and thus, powerful.  He believes that the best way for Henry to do so is by studying a practical trade; he does not believe that Henry needs to go to university classes to obtain power.  While he later allows Henry to go to Ingolstadt, it is only because he has been convinced that Henry might be able to obtain a more powerful position by studying languages and traveling.

Henry's father obviously recognizes the importance of friendship.  He is friends with Alphonse Frankenstein (Victor's dad) and encourages Victor's friendship with Henry. He eventually allows his son to not only help Victor when he is sick in Germany but also to travel with his friend later after William's death.

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