How does Hemingway use simple, direct language to create a detached tone in his narrative in "Hills Like White Elephants"?

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Simple, direct language is used to create a detached narrative tone by:

  1. avoiding emotionality
  2. providing an anonymous narrator
  3. creating a surface sense of objectivity

Hemingway's choices in diction and vocabulary for simple and direct language avoids emotionally charged superlatives and other emotionally evocative adjectives and adverbs. For example, Hemingway writes, "The American and the girl with him sat at a table in the shade." Hemingway leaves out all descriptors that might evoke an emotional response to or connection with the characters. For instance, the man is neither heavy-set nor tall, lanky nor slight of build, short nor imposing. He is just an "American man." This sparsity also means that stereotypes are free to...

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