How does Hemingway indicate tone in "Hills Like White Elephants"?  

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In order to understand how an author indicates tone in a work, you need to have a correct understanding of the concept of tone in literature. Tone in literature is the attitude, opinion, assessment the narrator has of the characters and events in the narrative, and tone can be described in terms of attitudinal emotional quality (emotional qualities related to attitude), such as playful, hopeful, pessimistic. Narrators are not neutral, although some come close to being neutral. Each narrator has a tone through which they narrate characterization and plot development.

Tone is external to the narrative in that it is not part of setting, characterization, character interaction, plot action or mood (which is also called atmosphere ). Tone is also external to the narrative insofar as it is a characteristic of the narrator; it is part of the narrative mode (also called narratorial mode). This is less clear when the narrator is first-person, thus also a character of the story, though it is more clear...

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