How does hematocrit level increase in diabetes patient?What other characteristics of blood changes due to diabetes? Thank you for replying my previous questions.....

giorgiana1976 | Student

Some studies shown an increased level of hemoglobin (hematocrit) in type 2 diabetes prediction.

It is known that hematocrit is the determining factor of blood viscosity, that if it's increased could develop insulin resistance by the reduced blood flow to skeletal muscle.

Also, there were made measurements of WBH:VH (whole body hematocrit: venous hematocrit) and this  ratio was increased in 1 out of 11 females and in 9 out of 13 males, being inversely correlated to the plasma volume (r=−0.51, p<0.001). The conclusion was that the occurrence of small vessel hemoconcentration in male patients with diabetes mellitus could be relevant to the pathophysiology of vascular complications of diabetes.

mkcapen1 | Student
In Persons with Type II diabetes there is often a reduction or change in Blood viscosity, the resistance of blood flow. Blood viscosity predisposes a person’s system to reacting poorly to insulin. It also disrupts the transfer of glucose, insulin, and oxygen to metabolically active tissues in the body. Hematocrit levels in the blood are a measurement of red blood cells and the body’s ability to produce the cells. Patients with increased hematocrit levels normally test lower for glucose levels. In persons having diabetes Type II hematocrit levels are often found to be higher than the norm. Blood changes can occur over time for a person with diabetes which leaves the person predisposed for complications of high blood pressure, damage. to the blood vessels, and damage to the heart.

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