How does Helen act at her "welcome home" dinner?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This dinner is held in Act 3 to "welcome" Helen back to the house after she spent two weeks in the garden house with Annie Sullivan.  While she has been in the garden house, she has started to behave a great deal better.  For example, when Kate is with Annie and Helen, Helen waits quietly to eat until a spoon is given to her.

But at the welcome home dinner, she starts to behave badly again.  She is starting to act more like she did before Annie came.  Eventually she throws a pitcher of water on Annie.

mkcapen1 | Student

Helen almost appears to be transformed into a different person at first.  She sits down and demonstrates appropriate manners.  She waits awhile before she begins to test her parents.  Helen then starts to act up at the table.  Ann Sullivan tries to get the parents to recognize that Helen is smart but that if they do not maintain the same expectations as she has for Helen and consistency, Helen will misbehave.  She tries to get her message across of the importance of them working together for Helen and no giving in to her.

Helen runs outside and is playing with the water pump.  She ahs water running over her hands.  Ann begins to sign the word water into her hand.  Helen for the first time discovers the relationships beteen words and objects.

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