How does Hedda Gabler conform to the norms of a prescribed realistic text?

Expert Answers
rtandon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

What is a realist text? It produces the illusion of being real and hence the readers' identification of something familiar and authentic. Ibsen's Hedda Gabler can be considered a realist text because of the realistic portrayal of character, setting and dialogues. The character of Hedda can be seen as highly objective and clinical in details without reflecting any authorial bias or sympathy towards the character. It is through the interactions between characters, the inner psychological reality of the characters are revealed for example Hedda's interaction with Brack, Lovborg, Thea etc. gives us true insight into her character. Again, the setting becomes all too important in a realist text, with its emphasis on details especially on stage. Every object on stage has a significance- the flowers, the sofa, the carpet, the piano, the fireplace or General Gabler's portrait hanging on the wall, as they contribute to the readers/audiences' understanding of the play. In terms of dialogue, in a realist text one comes across ordinary conversational speech instead of verse or flowery language. For example, Ibsen employs repetition of words and phrases to reveal characters, for example George Tesman's oft repeated phrase - fancy that! gives us insight into his character.