Captains Courageous

by Rudyard Kipling

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How does Harvey feel about Dan in chapter 1 of Captains Courageous?

Expert Answers

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Harvey meets Dan upon waking up in the fishing boat We're Here in chapter 1. He does not seem to think very highly of the boy. He particularly does not like that Dan is telling him what to do when Dan says to hurry up and go above deck to meet with Disko. No one has ever given Harvey a direct order before, and when Dan simply tells him to go talk to his father, Harvey rebuffs the command. The subtext here is that Harvey considers Dan in the same way he would consider any his servants: Dan, and everyone else on the boat for that matter, is beneath him. Of course, throughout the rest of the novel, Harvey ends up learning a lot from Dan, and they end up becoming close friends. For the time being though, Harvey does not seem to think Dan is worth much of his consideration.

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