How does Harper Lee show the conflict between good and evil in To Kill a Mockingbird?Good:Atticus,Tom,Boo Evil:Bob,Maycomb community,Nathan Radley  

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The conflict between good and evil is an amazing topic in this book. Conflict occurs when two opposing forces meet.

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Each of the good forces you have chosen have an equally evil force pushing against it.

Atticus is pitted against the town as they try to encourage him not to fight for Tom in the trial simply because he is black. Atticus pushes back and intends to fight for Tom because Tom is good and innocent. (man (good) vs. society(bad))

The town of Maycomb is so interested in this trial because it is white against black. The townsfolk never blatantly show their racism, they just are racist matter-of-factly.

Bob's conflict is really with himself, but his misfortune and poor self-image make him drag others into his problems. He blames Tom Robinson for his problems because he knows he can get away with it.

The Radleys are definitely their own breed. I would say Nathan pits himself against his brother Boo because he doesn't want Boo to experience positive relationships especially after the relationships Boo had as a teen. Nathan fears what Boo could be capable of, but on the inside as shown in the end when he saves the children, Boo is a good man.

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