Sula Questions and Answers
by Toni Morrison

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How does Hannah feel about her daughter Sula? (Pgs. 56-57 On pages 56–57 of Sula, How does Hannah feel about her daughter Sula?  

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It's a hot summer's day in July, and Sula's mother, Hannah, is sitting in the kitchen with two of her friends, Patsy and Valentine, chewing the fat about the challenges of raising children. Hannah's friends express regret at having kids and complain about just how much of a pain they can be. As for Hannah, she professes her love for Sula, but with the crucial qualification that she doesn't actually like her.

Hannah may know what she means, and Patsy and Valentine, too, but Sula can't believe what she's just overheard. That her own mother would actually say such a thing is something she just can't begin to comprehend. She stands by the window, absent-mindedly fingering the curtain while a sting in her eye starts to form, the kind of sting which, more often than not, heralds an imminent deluge of tears.

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