How does Hamlet show that everyone gets what they deserve?not specifically the character of Hamlet but other characters as well

Expert Answers
clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

First of all, because this play is a tragedy - we know all of the main characters are probably going to die by the end.  This means that while many get what they deserved - many will also get something they perhaps didn't deserve.

  • Polonius is stabbed while spying on Hamlet - perhaps Laertes and Ophelia don't deserve to lose their father, but it could be argued Polonius deserved to die.
  • Queen Gertrude drinks from the poisoned cup - she may not have deserved to die (or perhaps she did for marrying her dead husband's brother so soon after his death) - but certainly Claudius deserves to have his murder plan backfire.
  • Claudius is killed by Hamlet in a climactic rage - deserved.
  • Laertes also dies by the poisoned sword intended for Hamlet - did he deserve this?  He did, afterall, go along with the plan to kill Hamlet - but he was somewhat uninformed of the whole story.
  • Hamlet dies by the poisoned sword - did he deserve this?  Some would argue he could have prevented it by taking revenge on Claudius sooner...
  • Ophelia commits suicide - arguably the most tragic victim in the play.