Inside Out and Back Again

by Thanhhà Lại
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How does Hà stand up for herself in Inside Out and Back Again?

Hà stands up for herself in Inside Out and Back Again by getting back at her brothers when they annoy her. As she tells us, she can't make them go and live somewhere else, but she can hide their sandals.

Expert Answers

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Growing up with three brothers can be a bit of a challenge for any girl, especially if they're older brothers. But Hà somehow manages to deal with the situation. A bit of a tomboy with a rebellious streak, she's not about to take any nonsense from Khôi, Vu, or Quang.

Standing up for herself becomes almost second nature for the young girl. But then, in such a competitive environment, she has to, otherwise her life will be even harder than it already is.

All of Hà's brothers cause her considerable annoyance, albeit for different reasons. Quang remembers that Hà was once as red and fat as a baby hippo when he first saw her and so has given her the unflattering nickname of Hà Mã, which is the Vietnamese for "River Horse."

If anything, Vu is even more annoying. He makes his sister jump each time he breaks bricks or bits of wood when he's doing his Bruce Lee impersonation.

Then there's Khôi. He calls Hà "Mother's Tail" because she's always three steps away from her mom.

But Hà stands up for herself. Although she can't make her brothers go and live elsewhere—which is what she must dearly want to do sometimes—she can at least get her own back on them by hiding their sandals.

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