How does Gulliver appear to regard his own story's publication? What effect, if any, does he expect it will have on readers?

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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Gulliver finds his publication to be utterly detestable and ruined by the revisions that were made to it. Gulliver voices his displeasure concerning how the account of his voyages was drastically misrepresented throughout its publication. Gulliver also mentions that certain material was either omitted or changed to the point that he could hardly recognize his own work. When Gulliver questioned his cousin as to why he changed much of his account, his cousin said that he feared the government's repercussions. Gulliver continues to complain to his cousin about how the publishers mistook dates, and says that many of the "Yahoos" found his sea-language disagreeable. Gulliver also hoped that the account of his voyages would alter society for the better. Gulliver also complains to his cousin that many of the ills that plague society are still in effect seven months after the publication. Gulliver thought that his account of the peaceful, wise Houyhnhnms would leave a significant impression on society. Essentially, Gulliver's attempt at "reforming the Yahoo race in this kingdom" was a drastic failure (Swift, 9).

M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is to me one of the funniest parts of the story, since Gulliver takes it very personal and is at his angriest. Basically Gulliver told off his cousin. He was pretty upset because he claims that his cousin "sold him out" in terms of embellishing and making up stories. He was mad also because he wanted to change the world and its ruined behaviors in a period of seven months after his book got published. Yet, the way that his cousin twisted the story led people to believe that the world needed no fixing, that everything is OK and, as a result, his book became obsolete and unnecessary. Nobody received the "enlightenment" that Gulliver intended to give, and so for all the efforts that he went through he basically wasted his time. And its all his cousin's fault.

When you have a chance, read the actual text (linked below) because it is quite funny to even picture Gulliver expressing himself this way.