How does Grim say he is going to protect the family in Chapter 14 of Freak the Mighty, and what does Gram think about the plan?

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When Max hears all of the yelling coming from above, at first he isn't able to piece together exactly what Grim and Gram are arguing about. But it soon becomes apparent that they are talking about his father, Kenny "Killer" Kane. When Max asks if his father has escaped from prison, Grim tells his grandson that Kenny is "up for parole." Grim understands what Kenny's release means: Despite a court order that bans Kenny from coming around, he will be paying the family a visit soon in the hopes of seeing Max. Grim doesn't plan to let that happen and, knowing Kenny's violent tendencies, he plans to meet force with force. An Army veteran, Grim has a gun that he plans to use, if necessary; he will not be "fooled" by Kenny again. Gram is opposed to the use of weapons, in part because she knows that Kenny may also be armed if he decides to visit. She is worried that Max's father will

"... come in here and he'll take that gun away from you, and then he'll do the shooting."  (Chapter 14

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