How does Gregor Samsa’s identity change as the novella progresses? In what ways does he keep his humanity?

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In the first chapter, Gregor is really mostly concerned about keeping his job and defending himself against his manager's accusations. Although he is surprised and offended by the manager's harsh words that reflect poorly on Gregor's work performance, he

realized that he must on no account let the manager go away in this mood if his position in the firm were not to be jeopardized in the extreme . . . The manager must be detained, calmed down, convinced, and finally won over; Gregor's and the family's future depended on it.

His identity seems so tied up with his job, as though he has no worth or value without his ability to make money for his family, but Gregor clearly cares deeply about his family and their well-being. He knows that they depend on him, and wants them to be secure. These relationships form the other major part of his identity.

In the second chapter, Gregor has accepted that his life as a salesman is over, but he experiences "feeling[s] of shame" as a result of the...

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