In The Metamorphosis, how does Gregor feel about his job and how do you know?

Gregor feels hatred for his job as a traveling salesman. We know this because of his long interior monologue as he wakes up. He thinks about how hard and stressful the job is, how early he has to rise, how he hates his boss, and how he plans to quit as soon as he helps his parents pay off their debts.

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As the story opens, we find out that Gregor intensely dislikes his job. We know this because of the long interior monologue he delivers. He goes over all that he hates about his job as he as first wakes up in the morning and is lying in bed dreading his day:

‘O God,’ he thought, ‘what a demanding job I’ve chosen! Day in, day out on the road.

He continues with this train of thought. The stresses of travel are far greater than working from the home office. He has to deal with train schedules, bad food, and superficial relationships that "never come from the heart." He also notes that it is unhealthy to constantly have to get up early, saying he needs his sleep. He compares how hard he works to how easy traveling salesman for other companies have it. "To hell with it all!" he thinks, though he is quite ready to get up and go to work.

Gregor also dislikes his boss and wishes he could tell him what he really thinks of him. However, it becomes clear from his thoughts that he needs to stay...

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