How do green house gases form?..CO2

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Greenhouses gases act as a shield in the atmosphere because although they allow light energy to pass to Earth's surface, as some changes to heat and reflects back towards space, it gets trapped by the greenhouse gases. This results in the rise of temperatures on Earth, much like the way a greenhouse heats up due to the glass allowing in light while retaining a lot of the heat energy inside. Greenhouse gases include primarily carbon dioxide as well as water vapor, methane, ozone and nitrous oxide. The process of combustion releases many greenhouse gases especially carbon dioxide. Since fossil fuels provide most of our energy needs and have since the Industrial Revolution, whenever one burns coal, oil or gas, because they are organic compounds, carbon dioxide forms as a result of oxidation. When an engine burns fuel, nitrous oxides form due to the high temperature of combustion. On hot summer days, ground level ozone can also form. Although producers remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for the process of photosynthesis, the rate we cut down forests is not keeping up with our production of this greenhouse gas. The process of respiration produces carbon dioxide and water vapor. Methane, is natural gas is produced by fermentation due to bacteria. It is released by livestock, can escape from pipelines and is produced wherever garbage is decomposing. However, mainly livestock add this gas to the atmosphere. Since there are more people and livestock than ever, their contribution to the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has increased.

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