How does the Greek hero Theseus show cleverness?I need 3 deeds that he did that shows cleverness

Expert Answers
James Kelley eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Myths can vary a lot. As they're told and retold, details are often changed, especially when no one particular source is used.

I'm saying this because in the versions of the Theseus myths that I've been re-reading in an attempt to answer your question, I find that it seems to me that Theseus survives more by luck or the help of others than by his own cleverness. I don't mean to be too critical but, for example, he would have drunk the poisoned wine if the king had stuck with the original plan and would have died if Ariadne hadn't intervened (giving him both his sword and a way out of the labyrinth) before the encounter with the Minotaur. He even forgets to change the sails from black to white, causing his father to commit suicide.

In other myths involving Theseus, he doesn't seem to fair much better. For example, he falls for the trick by Pluto/Hades and has to be rescued, he believes Phaedra's lie that Hippolytus had raped her, and so on.

He may be a bit clever in his earlier (pre-Minotaur) days. He defeats a series of cunning robbers and foils an ambush.