How does a Greaser act and how does a Soc act?

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In some ways, the members of the two gangs tend to act quite a bit alike.  They are both very concerned with looking out for the other members of the gang, for example.  But there are quite a few important differences too.

For one, we do not hear about any of the greasers going around looking for Socs to beat up.  Socs do that, which is what we see early in the book with Pony and what leads to Bob Sheldon being killed.

For another, the greasers seem to like to act somewhat more antisocial.  The Socs need to look like they are good kids.  The greasers are more free to act up.  They are willing to do things like how Dallas is harassing the Soc girls at the drive in.

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greasers act tough to socs, but friendly and caring to one another

socs think that they're tough but really they only look tough cux they carry around switch blades

both groups are really just people and they should get along as people-thats the point of the book

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