How does the granularity of information change as it moves from lower to upper organizational levels?

walterpoupaert | Student

Let us take the information conserved in our DNA. As you know a codon generates a amino acid. This way we are going from a systeme of four bases to ONE and unique stuff.

Now, all those twenty acids are able to form a specific protein. We go from 20 to one.

The most important constitution of our body are the proteins, yet we are ONE.

All our bodies are forming the humanity, so again the granularity dimininish.

This principle is that of « EMERGENCE » : on a higher level the complexicity has been growing with the tread of a giant.

On the other hand you have « REDUCTION ».

Yes finnaly is everything composed by electrons, neutrons and positons.

And even, downwards by strange things like Charm, Strange, and other beautiful names.