How does William Golding use vulnerability to present Piggy in Lord Of The Flies? How does this change as the novel progresses?

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Right from the very start, Piggy is picked out as somebody who could be ridiculed. He is an overweight, bespectacled boy who suffers from asthma.

Despite this, he is shown to have a good heart at the very beginning of Lord of the Flies, as he takes the time to learn the names of the younger boys. His nickname also becomes part of his vulnerability, after Ralph makes it public knowledge in a direct attempt to exploit Piggy's vulnerability to humiliate him.

Piggy meets a tragic death after being crushed by a rock while attempting to be a voice of reason. Despite his vulnerability, it's clear that Piggy had many traits that would have made him a great leader.

It turns out that the thing to which Piggy is must vulnerable, as is the case with every child in...

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